PREVIFORM, LDA. is a Portuguese VET and adult training provider established in 2005, accredited by the government of the Portuguese Republic. your mission is to give attention to innovative training methods, validation and assessing the learning outcomes.
PREVIFORM, LDA. has been acting for many years in organising qualitative internships for VET education students in Portuguese companies operating in various areas: ICT, business administration, editor, accountancy, tourism, veterinary, cuisine, catering, graphic design, economics, marketing, public administration, equestrian, architecture, agriculture, alternative energy resources, etc. PREVIFORM as successfully worked for more than 10 years in different EU co-funded projects in order to build and develop innovative training and during those years it has constituted experienced team which includes project managers, researchers, trainers, VET experts.

Os nossos projetos financiados

Bridge the Gap

O projeto Bridge the Gap visa promover a aprendizagem e o desenvolvimento competências essenciais (Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação, partilha de informação, etc.