Sharing good practices in the field of vocational education across Europe

About Sharing Good Practices

Project identification number: 2019-1-HU01-KA202-060931

Project title: "Sharing good practices in the field of vocational education across Europe"

Implementation period: 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31


  • Hungary: Vocational Training Center of Debrecen
  • Hungary: SZAMALK-Salesian Post-Secondary Vocational School
  • Malta: Future Focus Ltd.
  • Greece: Athens Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Italy: AFP Patronato San Vincenzo
  • Turkey: Ortaköy 80. YIL MTAL
  • Portugal: Previform Lda.

Our project's aim is to share good practices with the institutions and organizations of the partner countries, to exchange experiences, to develop a training institution management strategy, to organize training, in the sectors of VET. Throughout the project, we would like to increase the expertise of the professionals through familiarization with good practices in the partner countries in their own environment and to get familiar with their cultures as well. The main activity of the project is to share good practices. All partners share and present a good practice of their choice, linked to vocational training. Mobilities are built on sharing these experiences, as each partner can get to know the good practice when visiting all countries. Thanks to the cooperation, we trust that the acquired professional knowledge will be utilized by all participating countries through the acquisition of foreign experience. At the end of the project, we plan to compile a comprehensive professional publication in English on the results of the project, collecting all the good practices of the partners. Throughout the project, the institutions and organizations of the European countries will work together to support vocational training. One of our main objectives is to create efficiency, the creation of successful and productive cooperation with the focus of lifelong learning, support for balance, and reducing dropout rates. Generally speaking, in any type of education, trainers, teachers are playing a key role in the training of the right professionals, so it is indispensable to train them well. Another objective of the project is to share international experiences and good practices for the preparation of these specialists. It is important to increase the efficiency of training and to bring higher-level, more qualified professionals to the output side. Our goal is to provide high-quality professional training in Europe, both in each participating countries and internationally as well. To this end, we would like to explore the characteristics and good practices of good and successful experts in partner countries' cultures. Through good practices and experiences we would like to know, maintain and promote the motivation of vocational training. We believe that this project is very relevant as it is intended to upskill and promote good governance in schools and at European level. They can visit different vocational schools and compare and contrast with the schools in their own countries.



Aqui podem encontrar o nosso handbook que foi realizado por todos os parceiros. Nele encontram todas as nossas experiências e boas práticas no ramo da educação.

Sharing Good Practices é um projeto do programa Erasmus + que tem como objetivo é partilhar boas práticas com as instituições e organizações dos países parceiros, trocar experiências, desenvolver uma estratégia de gestão de instituições de formação e organizar em conjunto formações.