SHIELD ́s C1 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Activity Short-term Joint Staff Training Event


Held in Den Helder (the Netherlands) on the 25th January to 3rd February 2019. This activity is included within the framework of the SHIELD ́s ERASMUS+ project (number: 2017-1-CY01-KA202-026782)

A pilot training for 16 Trainers during 10 days in Den Helder to test the training content.
SHIELD´s main beneficiaries are Trainers on Offshore H&S in Southern Europe but also those from the northern countries. We aim to reach as well foremen in the Offshore Sector, with extensive experience, that have their skills gathered through years of experience
at their place of work that need updated training to increase their work mobility and technicians from EU Construction companies that are planning internationalization and they need stronger Skills in H&S for the offshore.