About Us


A PREVIFORM - LABORATÓRIO, FORMAÇÃO, HIGIENE E SEGURANÇA DO TRABALHO, LDA, with a wide experience in the consulting services of Safety, Hygiene and Occupational Health, by the elements that founded the institution, as well as, in Training in the same area, with a constant investment in the improvement of technical and human resources, specialized in the areas of Safety, Hygiene and Occupational Health, Hygiene and Food Safety, is prepared to respond with efficiency and quality to the needs of the client companies in those areas.
The company is equipped with permanent facilities (offices and laboratories) in the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, equipment for the evaluation of hygiene and safety conditions at work and has in its personnel, technicians and technicians of hygiene and Safety at Work properly qualified.
PREVIFORM - LABORATORY, TRAINING, HYGIENE AND LABOR SAFETY, LDA, is thus qualified to guarantee its clients the provision of services of Hygiene and Safety at Work and Hygiene and Food Safety with quality and in accordance with the provisions of current legislation specific to these activities.

Quality policy

The Management of PREVIFORM - LABORATORY, TRAINING, HYGIENE AND LABOR SAFETY, LDA, assumes with the guardianship institutions, its clients and employees and society in general its commitment to the definition, disclosure, implementation and review of its work "quality policy", notably reflected in the "consulting of services" of SHST. This policy is based on the following primary objectives:
- To obtain the satisfaction of the clients by the provision of quality services, fulfilling all the commitments with them assumed, and in accordance with the legislation in force and applicable technical Norms.
- Contribute to the prevention of the risks of its Clients and their employees, within the framework of SHST, presenting to the Clients proposals to improve their safety, hygiene and occupational health conditions.
- Contribute to the reduction of sick leave, occupational illnesses and the number of those accidents at work of its Clients and their employees, by the preparation and presentation of adequate plans for the reduction and control of risks in HST.
- Ensure the maintenance and updating of the working equipment and equipment to be used in the evaluation of the SHST conditions and the improvement of their conditions.
- Ensure the updating and improvement of the skills of technical staff in the various areas covered.

Objectives to be achieved

• To create working conditions that allow the achievement of standards of physical, mental and social well-being among workers and the community;
• Develop prevention methods that eliminate and / or contain occupational risks at acceptable levels;
• To promote the organization of work in each workplace, in order to reduce or minimize the risks that it may entail.
• Implement the appropriate installation of signage on the risk locations;
• Instituting the necessary measures to increase collective protection;
• Ensure the distribution of personal protective equipment by workers if necessary.
In order to facilitate the implementation of these objectives A PREVIFORM - LABORATÓRIO, FORMAÇÃO, HIGIENE E SEGURANÇA DO TRABALHO, LDA, has developed an innovative training plan and has acquired appropriate equipment for evaluating the physical working conditions (eg temperature, noise, vibrations, chemical environment and lighting).